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DLT & Cloud

Distributed Ledger Technology and Cloud applications, data processing and storage pose significant challenges to legacy payments, trading and settlement operations.  Our team is providing leadership in defining the legal, regulatory and operational principles for DLT and Cloud integration.  We can help define a strategy to meet the challenges and deliver the benefits these technologies offer to financial infrastructures, intermediaries, clients and investors.

Granularity Ltd consultants are specialists in strategy, design and modernisation of financial market infrastructures - exchanges, clearinghouses, central counterparties and market utilities.  We specialise in complex multi-jurisdiction and multi-currency infrastructures such as pan-regional or global trading, clearing and settlement systems, but we can also help modernise existing financial market infrastructures too.

We ensure financial transactions trade, clear and settle with legal enforceability, regulatory and CPMI-IOSCO Principles of Financial Market Infrastructures (PFMI) compliance, operational integrity, cost efficiency and robust risk management.

Some ways Granularity consultants can help include:

  • Problem project remediation:  Global banks, central banks and market infrastructures modernise core systems infrequently, so problems in project specification, integration or implementation are not unusual.  We have a track record of getting problem projects back on track as a supplement to internal teams or external systems providers.
  • Executive strategy and technology specification planning and workshops on systems modernisation.  (HINT: Build, design, specify, consult is not our preferred order for project development!)
  • Payment system modernisation for faster payments, immediate payments, pan-regional and multi-currency payment platforms, and DLT payments integration.
  • Procurement and project management resource for central bank and market infrastructures modernisation.
  • Self-assessments and supervisory assessment support for CPMI-IOSCO Principles of Financial Market Infrastructures (PFMIs).
  • Interface and integration of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT or blockchain) platforms with existing legacy trading and post-trade operations and infrastructure.
  • Legislative and regulatory modernisation to deliver best practice legal certainty, improve resolution outcomes for financial stability, and embrace DLT and Cloud technologies for faster, safer, more efficient payments and settlements.
  • International Financial Centre strategy and development including English common law jurisdiction, best practice securities and financial legislation, and equivalent regulatory and supervisory practices.